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Seven Steps Needed For Putting Plagiarism Checker Into Action

As the beginning which is the important one because at the end of the exam you can look back and see if you really clearly did it or not if you didn’t it’s a little late to make any major changes but you might be able to make some small changes to correct yourself in any case this is something really important it’s worth % of your grade for this part of the exam.

So make sure you’ve answered the question correctly next we’re looking for spell so this is an easy one probably the first thing you’re gonna think of but did you really look for spelling mistakes everyone makes them if you make one or two that’s not a problem but you’ve got to be careful not to make any more than that it’s worth going back through your work a few times to check look for any common mistakes anything that you find yourself frequently making and please.

Try and correct them before it’s too late next you’re going to be looking for grammar mistakes so this might be a little harder to find but if you’ve been practicing your grammar before the exam you might want to look back your writing and figure out were there any mistakes you often made and could you change them it’s not too late kind of related to that is punctuation grammar we’re gonna put into your tenses your word order and so forth punctuation I mean did you get the commas and periods in the right places that’s really really important what about starting a new.

sentence at the right time did you capitalize that this is some basic stuff but it’s worth checking especially when you’re doing your practice MELTS exams check this get someone to look at it for you and if you’re making mistakes fix it and then when you go into the final act the your real MELTS exam you can check this next you’re going to want to make sure there’s a variety of sentence structures well what do we mean by that I mean that the different.