Your Essay Methodology

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Part of the process is thinking that through just because you’re looking at you know minors under the ocean and all of that and the tools they use and that kind of stuff that doesn’t mean that that came easily to you just because you can say it now and I want to make this point for those of you who are still in your heads about everything that’s a natural part of the process if you’re easy it wouldn’t be grad school it you have ideas that are new ideas that are forming and forming and forming that’s part of the process keep digging keep reading it will happen you will get there and you will be able to explain your research very very clearly but make sure that you just go through the whole process don’t bypass it okay. Find out more about methodology and how to use it at Edusson.

 Now let’s talk about methodology your committee is going to want to know why you chose to look at the problem in the way you chose to look at the problem that’s important because there are lots of ways to look at a problem there are lots of ways to look at a problem there’s not one way to look at a problem okay so is it important then for you to say when you’re reading these journal articles in your literature review you’re not just reading them for content I’m you are reading for content you’re looking at the results and so forth you’re also looking at the methodology they use to get to that result because it will inform your decision-making a lot in the process now a lot of a lot of you only use quantitative methodologies what information is method capture what information presented is in this way is important to my study why is the information I use an article on hay bale feeders quite a bit when I work with animal science students it’s very simple article in terms of like the study that they use they said ok forage loss the problem stated is forage loss is one of the most important like losses a farmer can have in terms of inputs outputs economically.

So how do they reduce loss for cattle forage in hay bale feeders so what I’m talking about is those round things you always see they put the big round bales in that and the cows eat it and that way it doesn’t go to waste ok so what they were looking at is how much waste does the design of the feeder make a difference do aggressive cows get to it does the design allow for aggressive cows versus non aggressive cows right and what they did is there were studies that were done before but they would tweak them they tweak the methodology they said what this person did what this these guys did is great they really looked at forage loss and that was really good but nobody’s looked at the design of the bale feeder in terms of the aggressive non aggressive cows getting enough forage.