Novelty in Your Research

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In research every place you work the subject expands ahead of you why because we we kind of make it up as we go along it’s purely a sort of invention of our own eyes a bit more like mathematics so the fact that you have explored a very very minut corner of the snowflake and it’s brand new is not really inherently interesting to other people does that make sense right so if if novelty just is not in its own light it’s not useful what is you have to have some element of utility right you want to convey through your paper a reusable idea that will be of some use to your audience so I do recommend to you this paper by Fred Brooks called the computer scientists this tool Smith he’s the guy who wrote the mythical man-month and that’s his most famous book but he also gave this Allen Newell lecture if you just typed this title into Google or Bing you’ll find it very quickly and the first part of the paper is really interesting because it’s um it it’s almost poetic actually his visa and interesting computer scientist he writes in very nice style and he says by InDesign read computer science in contrast with science.Find out more on Edusson.

Novelty in itself has no merit if we recognize our artifacts that is things we build as tools then we test them by their utility and costs not by their novelty that make sense is really important because when somebody reads your paper they are not going to be looking just the novelty consciously unconsciously they’re going to the you looking for utility for it goes on to say if we perceive our role of light we see more clearly the proper criterion for success a tool maker succeeds as the users of his tool succeeds right succeed so you’re giving something is going to be useful to them I like this however shining the blade have a jewel the hilt however wonderful the Wiswall system its merit is tested by its utility in cutting that’s right its usefulness to its users that’s a good good piece of wood a sort of sanity check.

When you read your paper now so go back to this thing about an idea like the fundamental thing I think you’re trying to do in a research paper is to take one idea and to transfer it from your head to what what’s your neck Dennis to transfer it from my head into Dennis’s head so it’s like it’s like a virus I’m trying to infect his wetware with a new virus that is the idea that’s in my head right because gonna be so persuasive so exciting so interesting that Dennis will be unable to think of anything else for the rest of the day right and then he’ll tell his friends and soon it’ll be all over the planet that’s how to have impact right so I put Mozart on the screen because he’s my quintessential example of somebody who did this really well.