How to Write the Conclusion of an Essay

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Step 1: Transition from last body paragraph

Write a transition sentence from the last body paragraph that brings the reader back to your original argument.

Step 2: Restate thesis

Restate your thesis in a slightly different way by showing how the main points of your essay either prove or disprove your thesis statement.


Be careful not to introduce any new arguments in your conclusion.

Step 3: Synthesize main points

Synthesize or transform your main points by showing how they relate to each other in a larger context. Go for the big picture!

Step 4: Avoid summarizing

Avoid simply summarizing your essay or assuming the reader has made all the connections. Be blatant and clear in your explanations.

Step 5: Be confident

Be confident in your ideas and don’t undercut yourself or think you need to apologize for any mistakes in your theory.


Remember, the reader only knows as much as you tell them in the essay: you are in control of the argument.

Step 6: Finish with a quote

Finish with a quote or restatement from your introduction or the body of your essay. Feel confident that you now know how to write a convincing conclusion!