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Should Bloggers Bother With Bing?

I was recently asked how to optimize a blog to rank well on Bing. I could not immediately come up with a good answer, but recalled that a while back I had read a post that discussed Bing ranking factors. But before digging into optimizing for Bing, it seems appropriate to ask the question of what is the likely benefit of doing so?

An obvious answer would be that of course more traffic from Bing is desired, particularly given that Bing powers Yahoo search. The two combine for a 30% share of searches according to comScore.  However, a recently published study published by Rosetta shows that the share of search varies quite a bit by audience. Among searches for financial services, Bing and Yahoo combine for a 40% share. However, for healthcare searches, Bing and Yahoo only accounted for a 22% share of searches.

Search Engine Share By Industry

I am going to speculate that for business oriented blogs, the target audience is at least 4x more likely to search with Google than with Bing/Yahoo.. Ask yourself which search engine you use. I'll happily give 4 to 1 odds on a bet about whether a particular blogger uses Google for most of their searches.

It is not unusual for a blog with diversified traffic sources to only get 1% of their visitor traffic from Bing and Yahoo. I checked in with a sampling of other blog publishers and they confirmed that they were only getting about 1% of their traffic from Bing.

Adrienne Smith*  1.2%

The Friendly Blogger*  <1%

Traffic Generation Cafe  0.97%

Internet Marketing Remarks  0.99%

* January 2011 Results

Currently, the best post on optimizing for Bing is the Bing SEO Guide:10 Ranking Factors You Must Know. As a caveat, given that the article is over a year and a half old it may be a bit out of date.

If you are a blogger that has cracked the code, and are getting significantly more than 1% of your visitor traffic from Bing, I would certainly be interested in learning about it.


Don't be overly concerned if your blog is only getting 1% of its visitor traffic from Bing and Yahoo. That seems to be typical based on my limited survey of bloggers. Given that there is so little traffic to be gained from Bing and Yahoo, and that most steps you take to optimize for Google will also be tracked by all the search engines, it probably is not necessary the optimize for Bing. However, I would still recommend you click on the link above to the Bing SEO Guide. It provides some good suggestions that might lead to better rankings on Bing/Yahoo. And even just a few more visitors is a good thing.


Google is the best

I don't think that bloggers should bother about bing that much. Recently i heard a article about Bing showing duplication in some of their results and there are other flaws which Bing faces.

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Quality content is important

Hi Randy.

In my experience new blogs with good on-site SEO will have an easier time getting high postions with Bing than with Google.

This supports the view in your referenced Bing SEO guide that on-site SEO has higher influence in the Bing algorithms.

In my view quality content is however the most important aspect - that goes for both Google, Bing and any other search engine.

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I had been focusing most (okay, all) of my seo efforts on Google, so when I saw this article I just had to check to see if I'm missing anything, and it looks like I'm doing just fine! The reassurance is always good, though, so thank you for that. :)

I agree with Ana Randy.

I agree with Ana Randy. Working towards ranking on Google is most people's #1 priority, and Bing and Yahoo eventually pick us up as well but I wouldn't lose any sleep over the amount of traffic that it brings. Just from these statistics, we know it's not much.

Thanks for sharing this and glad you were able to use this data.


Good to know

Glad you ran with the topic, Randy.

One thing I've learned is that I'll continue to do what I've been doing to rank higher on Bing - nothing.


Reply to Good to Know


LOL at your Bing optimization strategy. Have to admit I'm following the same one

Thanks - particularly since the idea for this post came from an email you sent me. I definitely could be accused of "borrowing" from you.


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