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My Blog Guest - A Review After Submitting 6 Posts

My Blog Guest Logo4/1/14 Update - This post seems very dated at this point. My Blog Guest has become a  controversial site, A number of the articles that I submitted have been deleted by the blogs that publishered them. Guest posting is no longer considered a legitimate SEO tactic by Google.

I am becoming a fan of My Blog Guest. Although there is a free option, the $20 monthly cost of premium membership is one of my most productive marketing expenditures. I certainly don't claim to be a My Blog Guest expert user, so please consider this review to be more anecdotal than authoritative.

The basic concept behind My Blog Guest is to provide guest bloggers and blog publishers a forum where they can connect. It offers is a win-win for guest bloggers and publishers. As a guest blogger, I reach a larger audience of readers by submitting articles that are made available to be posted by other blogs. Thus, it helps with reputation building, attracting visitors to this blog, and providing backlinks. For a blog publisher, My Blog Guest offers a source of unique content without the work of having to write your own post. Also, guest authors provide new viewpoints that can add value to a blog. A blog publishing a guest post may also benefit from the guest post author promoting the article to their social media connections.

My Six Posts

Among my six posts submitted to My Blog Guest, five found homes. Four of the published article are on blogs that have generated meaningful link authority. Also, one of the posts led to an offer of a regular guest posting spot on Search Engine People. The sixth post, which was the most commercial of the bunch, did not get picked up. I subsequently published it via the leading article directory.


Why Shipping Big Boxes Via Ground Delivery Just Became More Expensive - iMarkInteractive

Is Offering Free Shipping Still A Good Strategy? - Best Professional Speaking (no longer available - and this was one of my better posts)

Only 28% of Google Searchers View PPC Ads On Right Side Of Page - Blu Morpho Marketing (no longer available)

Multi Colored Shopping Baskets - A Simple Tip For Increasing Retail Sales - RINF News

How PPC Advertisers Can Respond To High Bidding New Competitors - SearchEnginePeople (no longer available)

Not Accepted By A My Blog Guest Publisher

A Skateboarding Term Has Jumped Over to the Safety Field - EzineArticles

A My Blog Guest Caveat

While I am a big fan of My Blog Guest, my first choice for a guest post would be to target a specific blog that you would like your article to be published upon and submit to that blog. However, the downside of this tactic is the time delay waiting for the targeted blog to respond. It is annoying to have a guest post sitting in limbo awaiting a response from a targeted blog, particularly if the blog never bothers to respond. Also, it is less time consuming to simply post to My Blog Guest than to search for and submit to the blog to which your post is best suited. A popular article will lead to offers from blog publishers within just a few hours of submission.

For reference, my guest posts written for specific blogs have generated more comments and social media activity than the posts submitted to My Blog Guest. However, it is not an either/or issue, you can submit posts that are a good fit for a specific blog directly while also submitting posts without a targeted publisher to My Blog Guest. Further, My Blog Guest has a feature for "Sent Directly to Blog" which I have not tested yet.

My two biggest complaints about My Blog Guest:

1) if submitting a post, the site times out quickly. After losing quite a bit of work to the quick time-outs, I finally learned to quickly input a bit of gibberish into every field and then click on save. I then go back and start inputting information into the text fields, being careful to hit the save button every couple of minutes. However, I just tried to re-create this problem and was unable to do so. The site still times out quickly, but unlike in the past, I did not lose any data to the time outs. It seems like this has become a non issue if a cookie has been set. However, I would still recommend saving your work before hitting submit if you are not certain a cookie has been set.

2) The user interface is a bit clunky. It took me a while to find my way around the site. After a few weeks, I became familiar with the placement of links to the site's most useful pages, and now can navigate it easily, but there definitely was a bit of a learning curve.

More Information About My Blog Guest

The following articles summarize the My Blog Guest offering:

Guest Post with My Blog Guest: for Networking and Exposure - GrowMap

5 Reasons to Love - G34Media

My Blog Guest: A Forum For Guest Blogging - DragonBlogger

Need Assistance Setting Up A Guest Blogging Program?

If you are not ready to jump into guest blogging on your own quite yet, Gerald Webber at the Search Engine Marketing Group offers highly regarded guest blogging services.


I have had good success posting articles to My Blog Guest. However, if you give it a try, be a bit wary of offers from blogs that are just a conglomeration of articles. Your post could get buried without being provided with much link authority benefit or readers. Use PostRank or other blog popularity checking tools to check on how much promotion the article is likely to get from the blog.

The best offers will usually come within the first few hours of posting. Do not automatically accept an opportunity from the first blog that offers to publish your article during the first hour after submission. A offer from a blog that is a better fit for your article may be forthcoming if you hold off on accepting offers for a few hours.


Worth a shot to look for guest bloggers

Thank you for your article! I will check them out!

Thank you for referencing my

Thank you for referencing my article on My Blog Guest. It's a great community and Ann (the lady behind the site) has grown it leaps and bounds since I wrote my review.


p.s. I hear ya on the weather permitting for bicycle riding in Chicago. lol. Born and bred there, my fave city on the planet.

From Someone Looking 4 Guest Blogs

I happened across My Guest Blog last week, after searching for guest blogs for my client's photography website with very limited results.
It's hooked me up with 3 guest bloggers so far, 2 of which have already submitted their articles to me.
The proof will be in the pudding, so to speak, once we publish the guest blogs, so I will be tracking activities and conversion rates via Google Analytics once the blogs go live and are promoted via social media.
So early days yet, but does look promising, and interesting to hear from a guest blogger angle why you would target My Guest Blog and individual websites with different types of articles.

I also had an issue about the

I also had an issue about the difficulty of finding different links on the site. But eventually you learn to find them easy.

The site architecture is well

The site architecture is well thought out, it's just the user interface that offers opportunities for improvement

Thanks for the review!

Randy, This is my second attempt to say "THANKS" for sharing your awesome feedback.

We are willing to improve and I promise we will be getting better day by day - mostly due to our awesome users who build MyBlogGuest sharing feedback and suggesting new features.

Everyone, stay tuned!

Green With Eny

Ann - I wish I had thought up the idea for My Blog Guest. I love the business model. And it offers real value to the Internet community. Congrats on the growth of the platform, as it seems as though you get 3+ new blogs signing up every day.

Totally Agree with MBG Review - I am coming up with a solution

Randy - I find the interface way too clunky for me, and it should not be "forum based".

The big issue with MBG is that it's too hard to keep track of things and understand who is who.

I am developing a site called Post Amigos ( that will *hopefully* solve a lot of the issues you have. I should have a beta up within 3 weeks from today. Sign up if you are interested.

Post Amigos

Robbie - Good luck with Post Amigos. A major challenge will be to get to critical mass. My Blog Guest has a healthy base of blog publishers and authors and is well established. Time will tell whether there is an opportunity for another player in the space

As many other online

As many other online entrepreneurs I haven't heard about My Blog Guest yet. As a blog owner myself I find this website very helpful solution for bloggers. I like the technique of posting guest blog articles and often ask owners of topic-related blogs to allow me to make a friendly post. My Blog Guest is a good website for a blog publishers and blog owners to meet each other.

My Blog Guest

Randy -Thanks for the review. I am headed over to the My Blog Guest site to check it out.

I hadn't heard of this site

I hadn't heard of this site before, but will definitely check it out.

It seems like a very good way, along with article marketing, of building links.

Have you noticed any increased rankings from the posts?

I also had an issue about the

I also had an issue about the difficulty of finding different links on the site. But eventually you learn to find them easy.

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