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Facebook Has Eviscerated The Influence of Brand Evangelists

The blogosphere has been filled recently with posts accusing Facebook of intentionally adjusting the EdgeRank algorithm to reduce views of brand Pages and incent organizations to spend more advertising dollars with them.


Should You Pay to Play On Facebook Via Promoted Posts?

Facebook logoIn order to force incent businesses to spend more advertising dollars with Facebook, the social media juggernaut is now offering an opportunity to sponsor posts inserted into users newsfeeds.


Fashion Marketing News: Homecoming Searches Surpass Prom

Homecoming Searches Trend UpwardHomecoming dress search trends
The fashion industry is an ever-changing world in which retailers need to stay on top of trends in order to be successful. Retailers flock to trade shows and fashion events taking mental notes to stay abreast. However, Google is sometimes an overlooked source of trend information.


How to Use Instagram For Your Business


Instagram is an application that surely rings a bell for most of us tech and photo enthusiasts. It opens a new window of art and social interaction in a very interesting way. In this article, we will discuss how you can take advantage of Instagram in the business world for more success.

Instagram Craze and How it Works


Advanced Guest Post Prospecting Tips for Link Developers

Five effective and easy-to-uncover link building sources

Guest post prospecting for link developers is one of the most time-sucking parts of search engine optimization (SEO). For an SEO consultant, link building is part of the online marketing efforts for clients. However, it’s also one of the most difficult elements to master effectively.


Guest Posting - Are The SEO Benefits Diminishing?

Guest posting is widely recommended as one of the best white hat methods of manufacturing link authority. However, I suspect that the link authority passed by hyperlinks included in the "about the author" sections of guest posts may have already been diminished in value. Further, if this lessening of link authority has not already occurred, then it seems likely to occur in the future.


Is Google At Fault for Permitting Chinese Knock-Off Fashion Sites to Dominate Their Sponsored Ads?

homecome dress designed by Mac DuggalDo you know a teenage girl in the market for a homecoming dress? If so, warn her to be very wary of dress shopping online. The sponsored ads on both Google and Bing are completely dominated by Chinese knock-off sites. Given the prominent placements of the sponsored results, it is challenging to distinguish between the knock off sites in the sponsored results and the legitimate sites in the organic results.


Web Analytics Can Be An Idea Generator For Social Media Posts

Here is an example of web analytics serving as the inspiration for a successful social media post. In reviewing the most viewed dresses on the site of designer Mac Duggal, it jumped out that the dress getting the most page views is the one pictured to the right. Based on this tidbit of information, the site's Community Manager created a post featuring this photo to the firm's Facebook fan page.

The Facebook post produced over 300 "likes" and 16 "shares" within a day of being uploaded.


Getting Back Up After Penguin

This guest post was contributed by Colby Hooley, an SEO Specialist at

There are many blogs that we know of that have fallen into oblivion, perhaps even one you are involved with. So Google has chewed you up and spit you out, and sometimes it is really hard to get back up.  Maybe your blog suffered a rippling effect like a damaging relationship or financial fallout.  Some of us have seen our blog site in a hardship and wondered how it got there.  While others are just wondering why we’re in that place and why it has fallen on the search engine results pages.


Social Media For Business? It Depends on Engagement Level of Your Target Audience

mac duggal dressIs your business missing the boat on social media? Frankly, it depends. Social media can be an effective method for promoting your business.



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