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Abysmally Bad Reporting On Alibaba in the WSJ by Loretta Chao

counterfeit dressHere's a news flash -- you can buy really cheap rolex's from street peddlers in New York City. What would you think if you saw a puff piece in the Wall Street Journal extolling the cheap prices for the merchandise sold by New York street peddlers? Well that's practically the quality of reporting in an article in the Wall Street Journal's weekend edition.


Writing Meta Descriptions – Get Insight From PPC Text Ads

Have you ever attempted to conduct controlled research and/or testing of meta description tags? Unless your firm has its own in-house testing lab, the answer to this question is usually "no". Testing of meta descriptions, when conducted at all, is usually conducted sequentially. There are so many variables impacting the results of sequential meta description testing that the results are extremely suspect. Given the challenges of getting reliable results from testing and analysis, meta descriptions are usually written based on gut instinct.


Google DMCA Turn Around Time Report

The Google DMCA Takedown Turn Around Time Report tracks the number of days required by Google to respond to DMCA copyright infringement takedown requests. It tracks the length of time from when takedown requests are submitted to Google until the copyright infringing URL's are removed from Search. 

7/14/14 Update - After six weeks of responding to DMCA takedown complaints within hours, slow responce time is once again being experienced


The 8th Most Ludicrous Google Search Result Ever

Mac Duggal 48100HThe title of this post takes a bit of literary license with "8th". I can not confirm whether there are 7 or 700 search result pages that are even more ludicrous than the result shown below. However, since there is an arbitrary aspect to the selection process, I am going to stick with it as being the 8th most ludicrous.


Photo's of Mac Duggal 48100H are frequently pirated by copyright infringing counterfeiters. The Google results for a search on this style were infested with webpages using this photo in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Many of the infringing photo's came from a network of websites that spawned multiple webpages featuring this photo and utilized hidden links to game the Google algorithm and gain high rankings.


Alibaba's Dirty Little Secret - Profiting from Counterfeiters

Frequently Pirated Photo By Copyright InfringersThere has been a great deal of speculation about the size of the upcoming Ailbaba initial public offering. Some analysts judge that the Alibaba IPO could haul in more than the $16 billion Facebook raised in 2012, and may even surpass the $20.1 billion GM raised in 2010, which would make it the largest in U.S.. history.

However, Alibaba has a dirty little secret. The firm makes some of it's revenue from the sale of counterfeit goods. There may be a million webpages on Alibaba and its Aliexpress subsidiary that are filled with pirated photo's of designer products. These copyright infringing photo's are uploaded by merchants onto the Alibaba and Aliexpress online marketplaces in order to sell counterfeit designer goods. Thus, while Alibaba does not itself sell counterfeit goods, a case can be made that the Chinese behemoth aids and abets counterfeiters.


Seasonal Home Page Title Changes May Cause Irreversible Ranking Drop

Seasons - Winter vs Summer
For those with a seasonal business, it seems like it would be logical to optimize their site for terms related to an upcoming peak seasonal opportunity. As an example, for a firm that provides landscaping in the spring and snow plowing in the winter, changing the focus of their marketing efforts based on the season makes sense. However, they should be very cautious about changing the home page title tag and content to reflect the opportunities in an upcoming season.


The Worst Google Search Ever?

I am going to nominate the results shown in the screen shot below for the title of the spammiest Google search result page ever. Is this hyperbole on my part? Probably, but this result provides viewers with a horrible user experience, and calls into question whether the Google Webspam Team is being overwhelmed by spammers. 


Should You Continue To Proactively Promote Your Facebook Page URL?

Facebook has "played" commercial enterprises like a master violinist. Most of us have invested significant resources in promoting our Facebook Pages and building up our number of "fans". Facebook created a wonderful marketing vehicle for enterprises to utilize to reach their customers and prospects. And commercial enterprises embraced Facebook with gusto.


DMCA Whack-A-Mole and Google's Failure to Filter Copyright Infringers

My blood pressure is a bit high right now because I just read a post by Matt Schruers that included the following, "It is true that DMCA takedowns are increasing.  This suggests rights-holders see value in the system". Mr. Schruers' statement is flat out wrong. The number of DMCA takedown requests is so incredibly large and increasing because copyright infringers steal content with such impunity. Google reports that they received 23,163,070 requests for URL takedowns last month alone.


Was A 5x Increase in Google Visitors Due to Adding Nofollow Tags to Guest Posts?

Yesterday, this blog received 5 times more visitors from Google than is typical for a Monday. The previous Friday, I had added nofollow tags to the four guest posts on the site. Coincidence or causation? 

The increase in visitors was due to a post I wrote three months ago getting moved to the top of the search results for a semi-popular query. Obviously, I cannot pin down why a post got an improved ranking on Google, but it seems like it might have been due to a penalty being erased after adding nofollow tags.



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