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Google DMCA Turn Around Time Report

The Google DMCA Takedown Turn Around Time Report tracks the number of days required by Google to respond to DMCA copyright infringement takedown requests. It tracks the length of time from when takedown requests are submitted to Google until the copyright infringing URL's are removed from Search. 


Writing Meta Descriptions – Get Insight From PPC Text Ads

Have you ever attempted to conduct controlled research and/or testing of meta description tags? Unless your firm has its own in-house testing lab, the answer to this question is usually "no". Testing of meta descriptions, when conducted at all, is usually conducted sequentially. There are so many variables impacting the results of sequential meta description testing that the results are extremely suspect. Given the challenges of getting reliable results from testing and analysis, meta descriptions are usually written based on gut instinct.


Was A 20x Increase in Google Visitors Due to Adding Nofollow Tags to Guest Posts?

Yesterday, this blog received 20 times more visitors from Google than is typical for a Monday. The previous Friday, I had added nofollow tags to the four guest posts on the site. Coincidence or causation? 

The increase in visitors was due to a post I wrote three months ago getting moved to the top of the search results for a semi-popular query. Obviously, I cannot pin down why a post got an improved ranking on Google, but it seems like it might have been due to a penalty being erased after adding nofollow tags.


News Flash For Eat24: Facebook has Social Media Managers by the Short Hairs

The latest kerfuffle in the social media space is about food ordering app Eat24's break-up with Facebook. There is a lot of buzz about Eat24's Dear John breakup letter in which it announced the service is closing down its Page (which has 70,000 likes).


DMCA Whack-A-Mole and Google's Failure to Filter Copyright Infringers

My blood pressure is a bit high right now because I just read a post by Matt Schruers that included the following, "It is true that DMCA takedowns are increasing.  This suggests rights-holders see value in the system". Mr. Schruers' statement is flat out wrong. The number of DMCA takedown requests is so incredibly large and increasing because copyright infringers steal content with such impunity. Google reports that they received 23,163,070 requests for URL takedowns last month alone.


Is Google's Claim That Websites Are Demoted Based On DMCA Notices Credible?

Do Google's spokespeople vastly overstate the following, "Google has begun to incorporate the number of valid DMCA takedown notices directed at a website in its search algorithm, essentially demoting repeat bad actors to lower positions in the results."?  The answer to this question is that Google is not particularly credible on this issue. It would be terrific if someone at the DMCA Copyright Notice And Takedown System forum (3/20/14) would hold the Google spokesperson's feet to the fire in regards to this difficult to validate claim.


An Updated Version Of The Hidden Text Trick That Fools Google (at least for now)

I recently came across a rat's nest of websites that have come up with a new variation on the hidden text trick. These websites are selling counterfeit dresses and using this trick to rank well on Google for designer dress style searches.

Here is the code that is being used to hide dozens of links on a webpage:


Beware of Facebook Promoted Posts Being Served To A Remnant Audience

We were surprised at the poor performance of a recent Facebook promoted post. But a bit of investigation revealed the reason for the poor performance. It appears that our promoted post was only being served to a target group that Facebook had not been able to sell to their prime advertisers. 


Should Congress Make Google Liable For Enabling Counterfeiters?

The Google index is infested with counterfeiters. The search engine hides behind the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to avoid making much of an effort to filter out counterfeiters. Websites that a savvy 6th grader could determine to be counterfeiters are able to get high rankings in the index for terms of fashion designer styles.


How To Use Google DMCA Takedown Requests to Attack Counterfeiters and Copyright Infringers

It may be appropriate to add a third item to the list of things that are certain in life, in addition to death and taxes, and that is the if you publish content online, a scraper will come along and copy your content.



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